*** Please note this site is not being updated (since mid-2016) – see ‘Work in Progress!?’ comment ***

The Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) is a Quaker voice in Europe based in Quaker House, Brussels. It is an international, not-for-profit organization registered under Belgian law working since 1979 for peace, human rights and economic justice in Europe and beyond. For further information on Quaker work in Europe, visit www.qcea.org.

The primary role of the British Committee (QCEA-BC) is to help and support this work. It is a separate registered charity under UK law.  QCEA-BC works amongst British Friends and others by raising funds from Friends, Trusts and other interested sources, organizing events and providing information. Without this support QCEA could not continue its work.

There are many opportunities for British Friends to engage with QCEA:-

  • Sign up to QCEA’s ‘action alerts’ to keep informed about and participate in QCEA’s advocacy work at the European level.

  • Ask British Committee to send a speaker to your meeting to talk about the work of QCEA.

  • If your local or area or regional meeting is arranging an event on peace, economic justice, human rights, or sustainability ask British Committee to provide input on European perspectives.
  • Attend a QCEA event at Yearly Meeting.
  • Take part in the biennial autumn conferences in Brussels on a subject of current interest to Friends. In 2015 the subject was ‘Castle or community? Quakers’ role in building a new Europe’, and previous conferences have been on ‘Economic justice – guaranteeing a fair share’ and  ‘Working for peace in the Middle East: what can Quakers do?’

  • Go on one of the QCEA study tours which happen in the Spring every other year. These are open to people of all ages and provide an opportunity to find out more about the European institutions and the work of QCEA.

The British Committee does not employ anyone itself. Quaker House in Brussels does however normally employ a number of Programme Assistants (PAs), on annual contracts. Please contact Quaker House Brussels if you want to know more.

Meetings can support this Quaker work in Europe by:

  • subscribing as an Associate for £40 p.a. which entitles the Meeting to QCEA’s Around Europe periodical (available by post or email)

  • subscribing as a Supporter for £80 p.a. which entitles the Meeting to multiple copies of Around Europe (suitable for larger Meetings)

  • making donations or holding collections.

We also welcome subscriptions and donations from individuals to support QCEA’s work.  If you are eligible for Gift Aid, please fill in a declaration (Gift Aid declaration) to send in with your donation.

Cheques (in Sterling) should be sent to the treasurer of QCEA British Committee, Simon Bond, at 1 Lynton Green, Maidenhead, SL6 6AN (email simon@armitage.biz). Please provide an email address (if available) for acknowledgement.  QCEA-BC’s bank details are: sort code 40-52-40 (CAF Bank), account 00004748 (QCEA British Committee – please quote the name in the reference).

As QCEA-BC is a registered charity, we are able to receive donations from UK taxpayers with Gift Aid. Legacies to QCEA-BC to support Quaker work in Europe are not liable to Inheritance Tax and if 10% or more of a net estate is left to charity, the rate of Inheritance Tax is reduced from 40% to 36% (‘net estate’ for this purpose will be the value of the estate after deducting all IHT exemptions, reliefs and the nil rate band). For further information on Gift Aid or legacies, please email simon@armitage.biz.

Quaker Council for European Affairs British Committee, Registered Charity 293776