Quakers for Europe at Street

Street Meeting is hosting an evening talk and discussion by Richard Smith and Nicholas Cox, two Friends from Devon Area Meeting, entitled: ‘Quakers for Europe’  – bringing a different perspective to the EU referendum debate.  We  warmly welcome all Area Meeting Friends to our Meeting House on Wednesday 27th April 7.00pm for 7.30pm.  The talk and discussion will conclude at 9.00pm and be followed by refreshments.  There is no charge for their talk, although a collection will be made for QCEA. Here is a poster:

Quakers for Europe talk

Work in progress!?

“QCEA-BC site being moved and reconstructed.

Come back in a couple of days ……..” (!)

I left this message here two years ago!  Uncertainty over the impact on QCEA and QCEA-BC of the outcome of the EU referendum (on 23 Jun 2016) have left me at least unsure what BC’s web presence is going to look like in future.  Please regard this site as historical (since just after the referendum).  I will now enquire about what’s happening and put a clarificatory message as soon as I know can find out the situation.  If there’s a new site to go to, I’ll put a redirection on this site and eventually shut it down.